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About This Project

Ever since the original Myst CD-Rom came with that fateful blank journal, I've kept detailed journals of my playthroughs for the Myst games.  What started as scattered notes on graph paper turned into an in-character journal for Myst III, and finally fully-illustrated journals using a fountain pen.

These journals have become an integral part of playing these games for me — not only to work through the puzzles, but also an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the scenery.  As with my plein air drawings in national parks, keeping illustrated journals has been my favourite way to document the games that have been so formative to me.

Each of the journals are hand-written and hand-drawn, using ink-pens. As a result, any ink blobs, water stains or other "mistakes" are just a result of creating them. AUTHENTICITY ABOVE ALL.


Myst IV came out in 2004 — I was in my freshman year at art school, and I dutifully kept a Revelation countdown clock on my dorm room door that I'd change out daily.  This was my first experiment with doing a full journal with a fountain pen; despite its unpredictability, it felt like a much more authentic experience.

Myst V: End of Ages


Myst V was released in late 2005, while I was still in college; I have clear memories of rushing over to my roommate Kate whenever I solved a puzzle. Despite taking place in a post-Uru universe ...

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst


I was a latecomer to Uru — having played the single player Myst games on a Mac, I was left out in the cold with the PC-exclusive release of Uru.  I finally had a chance to sit down and play it in 2014, and this is the journal that resulted.