My first few years working at Neopets! These are the years where you can see our transition as a team from using the pen tool (thin, scalable vector linework) to the brush tool (fatter, weighted linework)—I vastly preferred the latter, and it definitely made for better art across the board.

Neopets TCG Cards

The Neopets TCG was a pretty big deal in the early years, and were always a fun excuse to do more finished/polished/narrative art than what ended up on the site. A couple of these weren't used, but I take it as a point of personal pride that I snuck that Grima Wormtongue Ixi in there.



I actually liked doing paintbrushes quite a lot, especially when they were redraws and not just recolours. I did a lot of ixis.

Miscellaneous art

Other art for around the site—shopkeepers, Neopian Times articles, items, etc.

low-res art

There’s so much art I did in these first few summers that I’ve lost the source files for—I definitely wasn’t as careful about backing that stuff up… eighteen years ago. Good lord. These are what I can still track down of some of that stuff!