Steampunk cowgirl
In which Claire Hummel draws some quite nice things.

1923- color comps 1923- thumbnails color comps color comps Steampunk Portal redesign Book of Atrus | costume designs for Katran Project Rooftop: Storm Rosalind Lutece's undergarments Victorian Catwoman Dr. Sgt. Clarabelle Pepper La Mode du Vampir La Mode du Loup-Garou Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four REMAKEREMODEL: Sekhmet Harley Reboot v. 1.0 That's where the West begins Clouds

Rolemodels | Hrímgunnr Kolfrost Mr. Joker's Gotham City Circus Punk Sailor Moon Dapper Dan Cask of Amontillado Station Zero: Postmarked the Stars Deep Trouble Redux Redux'd 1923 Republic City Evening Post Hatshepsut A Stacked Deck On They Came See you on the other side Pokémon Battle Royale - Seaking Keep on the sunny side Low on Steam Harley Quinn - fancy dress An awful lot of running A fleeting glimpse GDG vol. 4 - Douglas Fir

One Grander by far Golly, what a day I look once more Girl, you can't conceal it Such a clever grown-up miss It's not my style Who always speaks her mind So familiar a dream In sixteen hundred seven Nothing to it, really A sight lovely to see I'm wishing Something about her And a bit alarming
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