Young Elizabeth

I was a huge fan of the original two Bioshock games when Irrational initially reached out to me to help design Young Liz, so this was a dream of a project to work on.

The art director was looking for a historically-inspired costume with some modern updates to the silhouette, as well as something that reflected Elizabeth's bright-eyed inexperience at the beginning of the game. While school uniforms weren't nearly as prevalent during the Edwardian era as they are today, we ended up zeroing in on a blouse-and-skirt ensemble that echoed that theme and communicated her youth to the audience.

The Lutece Twins, rosalind & Robert

I had very little to go off of for these two; I knew they were the geniuses behind Columbia, I knew that they were "twins," and that maybe they should be redheads "because we don't have any redheaded characters yet." I ended up landing on designs that were somewhat aloof and checked out, which worked extremely well considering their role in the game itself. Rosalind is based roughly on the Gibson Girl, and Robert on the Arrow Collar Man - the two unattainable ideals at the beginning of the 20th century.

I'm a huge fan of the popularization of masculine tailoring in women's clothing during the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, and wanted to reflect that in Rosalind's costume; once she was finalized, Robert's suit was designed to match.